I will post here all scripts in two,  all useful scripts  i saw usefull and for other side my simple toolset for everyday.

**On construction: [Monitor][Manage] [Tunning]

DBA day to day simple scripts all in one zip or in plain text

@alert ——– Last alert lines..
@bdperf ——- General View: wevents, sessions, Top,etc…
@cursores —– What cursors users using.
@filestat —– Report v$filestat, I/O.
@infodb ——- Info to recreate db.
@locks ——– Check DB Locks
@longo ——– long running operations.
@ratios ——- % instance ratios
@racdiag —— troubleshoot RAC.
@redogen —— redo info.
@sqlarea —— Drops SQL library cache in /tmp/sqlarea.&m_timestamp
@tbsp ——— Tablespace Ocupation.
@topcpu ——- top CPU.
@topsql ——- top SQL % y SQL list.
@useract —— User activity.
@verasm ——- ASM info: disk,files,etc..
@verbd ——– all database sessions are currently doing wait/CPU usag.
@vercursores — Cursor use, all.
@vertab ——- Table info detail.
@vertemp —— Temp size and use.
@vermem ——- Mem info.
@versql ——- Review SQL code by ID.
@versqls —— All SQL runing.
@versorts —– Meme/disk sorts.
@verlecturas — top Sesions Physical and Logic.
@verinvalid — In dex and invalid Objects.
@verwait —— Waits.
@verjobs ——- runing jobs and job list.
@verun ——– Runing active process/session.




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