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ORA-00020: maximum number of processes: cannot connect as sysdba?!

Database reach max process or sessions, son no new login is available, first your sysadmin cant  access too for solve the problem seting new process value, is a production  enviroment so we dont want to kill the instance as a first step to solve the problem .

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Solution to: ORA-1691: unable to extend lobsegment

This ORA happens allways a lob segement cannot extended itself to fit the new data being inserted.
Tipical solution is extending the data file and adding a datafile, but sometimes, not often, error only apears in alert log (no client side) when space taken by the lob segment is allocated for reuse, before the undo retention period is expired.

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StatsPack Fast Guide

We have a performance issue in database, and this database not have AWR license? no problem statspack is free and comes standard. Can create a report for example of 10-15 minutes in peek time for example what is waiting for dataase in this time, heavy querys,etc.

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Oracle BEST Practices III

1- Put your Database into ARCHIVELOG Mode
2- Use DBMS_STATS for statistic collection
3- Using Recovery Manager(RMAN) for Backup and Recovery needs
4- Resumable Statements and Space Allocation
5- Maintenance of Global Partitioned Indexes
6- Default Tablespaces
7- PL/SQL Bulk Operations
8- Locking Issues
9- Oracle System Event Triggers
10- Autonomous Transactions
11- Defining Application Services for Oracle Database 10g
12- Cost Based Optimizer Best Practices and Advised Strategy

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Oracle DBA Responsibilities

I can resume this post and say DBAs have three basic tasks: backup, BACKUP, BACKUP!!. Although data integrity is clearly the first job, if the data isn’t good doesnt matter if the database is available or database perfomance is fast.

So first and principal task is Establish and maintain backup and recovery policies and procedures

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