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Oracle BEST Practices II

1- Put your Database into ARCHIVELOG Mode
2- Use DBMS_STATS for statistic collection
3- Using Recovery Manager(RMAN) for Backup and Recovery needs
4- Resumable Statements and Space Allocation
5- Maintenance of Global Partitioned Indexes
6- Default Tablespaces
7- PL/SQL Bulk Operations
8- Locking Issues
9- Oracle System Event Triggers
10- Autonomous Transactions
11- Defining Application Services for Oracle Database 10g
12- Cost Based Optimizer Best Practices and Advised Strategy

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ORACLE Posters

23-4-2014 12.4.12 1

Oracle professionals always need to be aware of the internal design of the Database Management System. Here some posters very interesting:

Architecture 12c

Architecture ORACLE 10g v2

ORACLE Server Architech

Oracle_10g_ Backup and Recovery