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Copying files from ASM to File System

Working with Oracle technology is common to have two ways to do something, in this case move files from ASM storage to file system storage. We can do this job with rman or inside asmcmd.

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ORA-00020: maximum number of processes: cannot connect as sysdba?!

Database reach max process or sessions, son no new login is available, first your sysadmin cant  access too for solve the problem seting new process value, is a production  enviroment so we dont want to kill the instance as a first step to solve the problem .

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Select Any Dictionary vs Select_Catalog_Role

Allways we want give to a user access to data dictionary and system views, we find two  privileges to grant select any dictionary and grant select_catalog_role with both we acomplish with the job, but, why there two options? are the same options? no, they arent the same and one is not over. Is a role vs direct privilege and yes is diferent.

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A Round trip with Oracle Particioning

We are going to make a trip arround partiotioning in Oracle, why use partitioning?, types, despartitioning, how check some info about particioned tables…allways usefull tips for use day to day at work.

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Oracle 10g Client on Windows 7

So we want use old sqlplusw, cause is light, fast than any sql developer for some admin duties, but wait! ORACLE baned this software since Oracle 11g, but no problem you can donwload from here client. This client bring a compatibility problem with windows 7 for solve ….

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