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Oracle DBA Responsibilities

I can resume this post and say DBAs have three basic tasks: backup, BACKUP, BACKUP!!. Although data integrity is clearly the first job, if the data isn’t good doesnt matter if the database is available or database perfomance is fast.

So first and principal task is Establish and maintain backup and recovery policies and procedures

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Tips to get a dba job II

Like we talk in last post is a catch22, u need experience for get a good oracle dba jobs, would you pay someone a high salary, to operate, maintain, and run one of the biggest, most important pieces of your IT infrastructure if they didn’t have any experience?.

The hardest part will be landing that first DBA job. we try help to solve this, again some tips.

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First job day as ORACLE DBA


You get dba job, using help my las post :),  now first day, i will no let you alone with out help.

What I will mention are general questions regarding the work of a DBA for the first day and I hope they are useful for people who have experience , and much more for those who do not.

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Tips to get a dba job I






Is a Catch 22: For get a dba job you first need have experience, but you must get a job to get experience.

DBA market can be divided into two groups – juniors and seniors.

Juniors with less than three years of experience, guys, bad news, companys not use to hire this kind of profiles, normal big companys never hire junior dbas, but no all is lost, there companys that no want spend more than $90k annually for a experienced profesional, and
sometimes take juniors and train them.

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