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ORA-00020: maximum number of processes: cannot connect as sysdba?!

Database reach max process or sessions, son no new login is available, first your sysadmin cant  access too for solve the problem seting new process value, is a production  enviroment so we dont want to kill the instance as a first step to solve the problem .

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Select Any Dictionary vs Select_Catalog_Role

Allways we want give to a user access to data dictionary and system views, we find two  privileges to grant select any dictionary and grant select_catalog_role with both we acomplish with the job, but, why there two options? are the same options? no, they arent the same and one is not over. Is a role vs direct privilege and yes is diferent.

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Breaking password on Oracle

This post maybe give u some to think about, maybe u will change something in your databases. How easy do you think he is to get the user’s password or other user SYSTEM? answer: very easy

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Larry Ellison, the ‘god’ of Oracle II

El enfant terrible of Silicon Valley

Few senior executives of the tech world are as controversial as Ellison, loved by some and hated by others. Boy Giorgio Armani (fashion brand that usually wears) has earned the epithet bad boy terrible enfant Silicon Valley. Several of his relatives have stated that there is only one thing that exceeds his fortune: his ego.

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Larry Ellison, the ‘god’ of Oracle I

The busy life of a computer guru, Larry Ellison, the ‘god ‘ of Oracle
Lawrence Joseph Ellison was born the son of a single mother in Chicago 56 years ago . Achieving their full business got when he founded the software company Oracle . Selfish and whimsical, is one of the most controversial figures of the current technological landscape .

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