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Oracle Standby Database: Creation from scratch (NO RMAN)


A standby database is a database replica created from a backup of a primary database. By applying archived
redo logs from the primary database to the standby database, you can keep the two databases synchronized.

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A Round trip with Oracle Particioning

We are going to make a trip arround partiotioning in Oracle, why use partitioning?, types, despartitioning, how check some info about particioned tables…allways usefull tips for use day to day at work.

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Table Recover without datapump or rman

How recover a delete table without use of tools like rman or datapump. How do it? FLASHBACK. We have a 2 TB database and acidentaly we drop a simple litle table, we are going to waste lot time looking for that big backup ? even a export or datapump will take time.

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