Monthly Archives: December 2014

Default Profile Locks Users Accounts?

For default since orcale 11 lot of UNLIMITED configurations of profile have change. Beyond version 10 FAILED_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS is set 10 as default value. In Oracle 11g onwards for DEFAULT profile PASSWORD_LOCK_TIME,PASSWORD_GRACE_TIME,PASSWORD_LIFE_TIME parameters are limited. Maybe you have suffered from and aplication that often  lock user account or maybe new instalation or upgrade make some users account locked over time.

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Select Any Dictionary vs Select_Catalog_Role

Allways we want give to a user access to data dictionary and system views, we find two  privileges to grant select any dictionary and grant select_catalog_role with both we acomplish with the job, but, why there two options? are the same options? no, they arent the same and one is not over. Is a role vs direct privilege and yes is diferent.

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