Health Check tool: ORAchk

Want audit Oracle configuration fast, oracle long time ago create a rac database healtcheck called RACchk. The old RACchk, Oracle decided to extend the utility beyond rac, this software is a oracle scanning tool that look for configuration problems, and return a report showing health risk based on oracle best practices.

Download the ORAchk: The latest version of ORAchk is attached to Note 1268927.1 and can be downloaded there.
Is a simple file, unzip and run the orachk executable to start the analysis, it’s non-intrusive to your system.

Unzip kit $ unzip
Give to permission $ chmod 755 orachk

You can execute with following commands …

$ ./orachk (for regular healtcheck as well as HA best practices)
$ ./orachk -c hacheck (Only HA best practices)

A full list of arguments can be viewed
$ ./orachk –h

Note: Though it’s documented that 32-bit Linux is not supported, ORAchk can be run using the argument . /orachk -ebs32bit

The generated report is an html file, which can obviously be opened in any web browser. The first part of the report contains a general summary. After finish, the following (or similar) will be displayed:

Detailed report (html) – /home/oracle/orachk/orachk_ratlnx01_120211_114104/orachk_ratlnx01_120211_114104.html
UPLOAD(if required) – /home/oracle/orachk/
At this point you may view the HTML output in the file shown in the output above.
If there is an active SR which orachk was recommended as part of its resolution, upload the orachk_*.zip to that SR.

Take a spaecial look “Findings Needing Attention section” where you can find a summary of the report.

It is a good practice to run ORAchk as a aprt of health manteniance, the report can be emailed to the database administrator.
Need daemon mode be activated.

Example: we set the autorun interval to seven days with and email address for the report:

orachk -set “AUTORUN_INTERVAL=7d;”

Created AUTORUN_INTERVAL for ID[orachk.default]

Created NOTIFICATION_EMAIL for ID[orachk.default]

ORAchk daemon needs to be started:

orachk -d start

Another good thing about ORAchk is that avail to compare two reports, you can run before a change is made
in databse a and after and compare both health reports and take note about performance problems or improvementes
if in report when number of bad findings is decreasing over time.


orachk -diff orachk_maoracle01-test_dwhma_102815_155228

Total : 182
Missing : 0
New : 4
Changed : 0
Same : 178

File comparison is complete. The comparison report can be viewed in: /home/oracle/orachk/orachk_102815155228_102815154413_diff.html
One last thing, the Orachk Collection Manager allows Application Express to be utilized as a dashboard, allowing you to track
your collection data in one friendly interface when working with multiple systems.

Details about downloading and using “OraChk Collection Manager” can be found in Mos Note 1602329.1



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