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Storage Benchmark with Oracle ORION

Finaly we have easy oracle tool to do the job of testing IO performance, very easy to use. ORION (ORcle IO Numbers) mimics the type of I/O performed by Oracle databases, which allows you to measure I/O performance for storage systems without actually installing Oracle. It used to be available to download for a number of platforms from OTN, but since is included in the “$ORACLE_HOME/bin” directory of Grid Infrastructure (GI) and database installations, download is no longer available.

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Benchmark Oracle database to the end with HammerDB

We have new faster machine and need a performance test, we can write our scripts/querys that do the measure job,
and measure performance with a 3rd party monitor tool (nagios,zabbix,etc..), but here comes HammerDB for save our
time and do the benchmark. Want to measure only storage performance with out oracle? better use IOmeter.

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How to change DataBase Name

Since Oracle 9i ORACLE give us DBNEWID. Is utility that can change the internal database identifier (DBID) and the database name (DBNAME).

Prior to the introduction of the DBNEWID utility, alteration of the internal DBID of an instance was impossible and alteration of the DBNAME required the creation of a new controlfile. The DBNEWID utility allows the DBID to be
altered for the first time and makes changing the DBNAME simpler.

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