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Oracle Standby Database: Creation from scratch (NO RMAN)


A standby database is a database replica created from a backup of a primary database. By applying archived
redo logs from the primary database to the standby database, you can keep the two databases synchronized.

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RMAN Mini Guide

One question: whats the most important task
for a DBA Administrator? three words, BACKUP,BACKUP,BACKUP.

Lets put hands of the most important task of a DBA …

Export/import? NO. this isnt the backup.

So lets take a look on Recovery Manager, normal called RMAN.
If you dont know what is that, how you do the backup?.

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Solution to: ORA-1555/ORA-22924 on export with a LOB data 

May occur when accessing LOB columns, even when the LOB RETENTION seems to be sufficient.

This may occur when LOB column resides in a MSSM (Manual Segment Space Management) tablespace.
But if no, because is AUTO, maybe undo_retention not good? no, LOBS no use that parameter and no use undo tablespace! more….

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