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Moving AUD$ Table to Another Tablespace

Start been supported on 11GR2, DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT comoes by default alow manage all trails (database,XML,OS).

Now, suppose we deleted rows from aud$ and now want to shrink the table. It couldn’t be done as AUD$ is in SYSTEM tablespace whose segment space management is MANUAL.

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Table Recover without datapump or rman

How recover a delete table without use of tools like rman or datapump. How do it? FLASHBACK. We have a 2 TB database and acidentaly we drop a simple litle table, we are going to waste lot time looking for that big backup ? even a export or datapump will take time.

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StatsPack Fast Guide

We have a performance issue in database, and this database not have AWR license? no problem statspack is free and comes standard. Can create a report for example of 10-15 minutes in peek time for example what is waiting for dataase in this time, heavy querys,etc.

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Breaking password on Oracle

This post maybe give u some to think about, maybe u will change something in your databases. How easy do you think he is to get the user’s password or other user SYSTEM? answer: very easy

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CUORE Magazine, Spain Oracle Users Circle

numbers from 30 to 47. Language: Spanish

CUORE is a expensive membership oracle user group that actualy becomes into SPOUG, Spain Oracle User Group, now they open to oracle spanish comunity by 4€/month.

CUORE magazine link

SPOUG N1 Magazine, “Oracleando”

“SPOUG / CUORE main objective is to promote the exchange of experiences among its members and establish a communication channel with ORACLE CORPORATION, SRL, to facilitate our needs and requirements are taken into account, as far as this is possible in your products and services .

To do this, our partnership program seminars, publishes a magazine and organizes an annual Congress where various conferences, roundtables, lectures and other activities occur high technical content. The ideal way to participate in these activities as a partner, as this allows to influence the life of the association and get some more interesting activities to access our economic conditions.”