Tom Kyte Madrid Seminars

Thanks to Tom and of course Oracle, In 2012 Tom kyte could visit Madrid and shared a little of his knowledge, Oracle call this day
“A day with Tom Kyte” start at 9:00 to 17:30 in that time we could
ask to tom a lot of question.

I upload all seminars u can easy acces by using this link, enjoy.

Tom Kyte Seminars

Who is Tom Kyte?

if u asking this question please quit my website, thanks. Tom Kyte is like rock start of oracle world,  is a Senior Technical Architect in Oracle Technology division. Prior to working at Oracle, Kyte worked as a system integrator of heterogeneous applications and data bases of large scale, primarily for clients such as the government and military. Kyte spends most of his time working with Oracle Databases and in particular, with people working with Oracle Databases. In addition, Tom Read “AskTom” column in Oracle Magazine, answering questions asked by people about the tools ( and Oracle Database. Kyte is also the author of: Expert Oracle Database Architecture (Apres 2005), Expert One on One Oracle (Wrox Press, 2004 2001/Apress) Beginning Oracle Programing (Wrox Press, 2002/Apress 2004) and Effective Oracle by Design (Oracle Press , 2003). They are books about the general use of the databases and how to develop successful Oracle applications.





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