Larry Ellison, the ‘god’ of Oracle II

El enfant terrible of Silicon Valley

Few senior executives of the tech world are as controversial as Ellison, loved by some and hated by others. Boy Giorgio Armani (fashion brand that usually wears) has earned the epithet bad boy terrible enfant Silicon Valley. Several of his relatives have stated that there is only one thing that exceeds his fortune: his ego.

He has repeatedly ridiculed America Online; has publicly insulted Nathan Myhrvold, Microsoft’s CTO; Gates called “the Pope of PC”; has said he would love to drop a missile at the headquarters of Microsoft; gave a real verbal beating Netscape saying it was misguided and no future despite having an agreement with them (the gossips say intended to lower his price to buy it) and embarked on an absurd lawsuit against the city of San Jose (California ) for not allowing more than drive his jet a few hours so determined by the noise caused.

Larry Ellison , CEO of Oracle , will the world’s richest man?

It is said that one is not really rich until you see the money. Larry Ellison has got, its 663 million Oracle shares are around 50,000 million.

After the drubbing given to the Redmond company by Justice Jackson in 1999 , the value of 742 million shares Gates has of Microsoft , fell to be overcome by the value of the shares of Ellison , who became for a time in the richest man in the world causing dozens of headlines in many media. But … is it really more million man on the planet ?

No, the title of richest between rich is not as contested as it seems between these two potentates software : accounting for all investments both in other companies, Ellison is still far from reaching the , until recently , head of Microsoft over 10,000 million invested far from Redmond .

If Bill Gates is his archenemy , Steve Jobs , CEO of Apple, it could not be anything more than a friend thing . Alongside Jobs launched the idea of ?? VOD (Video -on- Demand) , which ended with more pain than glory.

Ellison’s mistakes

Although Ellison was right to gamble online, you made a mistake a few times in other cases. Oracle CEO has a tendency to act as an oracle, releasing forecasts quite often crazy. The most famous prediction uttered in 1997 when personal computers equated with dinosaurs, destined to become extinct with the advent of Internet. Some of them may be met, but there are still quite a few years for that to happen.



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