Tips to get a dba job II

Like we talk in last post is a catch22, u need experience for get a good oracle dba jobs, would you pay someone a high salary, to operate, maintain, and run one of the biggest, most important pieces of your IT infrastructure if they didn’t have any experience?.

The hardest part will be landing that first DBA job. we try help to solve this, again some tips.

1- Become educated

Learn as much as you  can about database. Read all you can that fall in your hands about database, start from base docs, “Oracle Database Concept Fundamentals” before take any other.

I suggest you take database class if you start from zero, many training companies offer classes on Database Administration.

Many DBA positions require at least a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field, so you should have at least that credential.

2- Practice being a DBA

Install Virtual box with linux install oracle there and practise, play with the database all you can, make a topic list and practise all areas of database administration, from basic to advanced dutys, break your database and try fix it. Improve all you can in your own test platform so that you can be able to demonstrate some level of database administration ability.


3- Get certified

For some jobs certification is a requirement, for other a plus, other no take care about certification, so this no guaratntee to get a job but demostrate u take serius your oracle dba carrer.
Passing DBA certification just say to the potential employer that you now possess a certain set of skills.
Certification alone won’t land you the job, but it doesn’t hurt either

4- Take advantage of current opportunities

Many, many people get their first DBA job in exactly this manner, sliding into a Junior DBA position once they have worked on a few database-related projects.

If your current employer has an opportunity for you to work on any database project, jump at the chance! Any database experience is worth more than no database experience. Let your management know that you are actively seeking any database opportunities that come by. Hopefully, they will think of you when the next one comes along. After working on these database projects and seeing the desire in your eyes to become a DBA, they may decide to train you, and promote you.

Me for example, I was working as a IT Consultor in a big software company and oportunity comes, important is being in the right place at the right time, i could worked in projects related to oracle database(design,admin,backup/restore,tuning,dataguard,etc..), so my company decide to train me and give me chance to enter in oracle certification path.

5- Look for that Junior DBA position

If you are reading this to use this tips you dont have experience to senior-level so look for junior dba offert in first place, but no only junior, i suggest to apply any positions even though you may not be qualified, cause some companys looking for senior and end need hire a Junior dba.


Now Good luck and I hope this posts help you.



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