Larry Ellison, the ‘god’ of Oracle I

The busy life of a computer guru, Larry Ellison, the ‘god ‘ of Oracle
Lawrence Joseph Ellison was born the son of a single mother in Chicago 56 years ago . Achieving their full business got when he founded the software company Oracle . Selfish and whimsical, is one of the most controversial figures of the current technological landscape .

He was an average student who started a career at the University of Illinois and never finish it , like his detested Gates.

His good fortune should his talent and strategic capability, but also largely to pure chance, you know, being in the right time at the right place : when I was working for Ampex , and in Silicon Valley, is assigned the project of designing a huge database for the CIA. The name of the project, which ended up being a disaster , it was Oracle.

Instead , successful adventures of the company founded in 1977 this failed project are history . Founded by Bob Miner , the brain behind the development of the database ( curious equivalence with Paul Allen, Microsoft brain ), currently almost all the major web sites in the world work with database software from Oracle Corporation (ORCL) .
Expensive sports lover. The whims of a wealthy. The sophisticated Ellison is like a petulant child with all the money in the world to buy the most expensive and extravagant toys that you crave. A jet Gulfstream Aerospace G-5 worth about $ 38 million. Sayonara, one of the fastest sailboats in the world, who won the title of world champion. A Russian MiG-29 that cost about 20 million dollars (had to insist for years that allowed him to buy it).

A farm under construction in Woodside with a replica of a sixteenth century Japanese palace where he has invested more than $ 40 million.


His other passion is women. This kind of Playboy silicon, when you want to establish some kind of relationship with a lady, often used the phrase “let me buy you a car.” Your money, their lavish parties, his quick tongue and his wild lifestyle something (besides, of course, of his billions) make this Don Juan appears always accompanied by breathtakingly beautiful women.

Ellison, unlike other billionaires, does not bother to hide his wealth from irritating personal charitable foundations. While it is true that Oracle as a company contributes with different projects, such as nature conservation, medical research, education, or giving away PCs to schools, among other altruistic initiatives.

In any case Mr. Ellison has every right in the world to spend your money as you want.

His life in a book

What is the difference between God and Ellison?
Larry Ellison has a biography in the market developer whose title is “The Difference Between God and Larry Ellison” Mike Wilson, and this book is the best way to know how a small company reached the top and to learn from mistakes others.

In addition, Wilson makes it clear the difference between God and the CEO of Oracle in small print on the cover of the book: “God knows that he is not Larry Ellison.”



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