First job day as ORACLE DBA


You get dba job, using help my las post :),  now first day, i will no let you alone with out help.

What I will mention are general questions regarding the work of a DBA for the first day and I hope they are useful for people who have experience , and much more for those who do not.

Well, the question is What is a DBA to do on your first day of work?.

Then you must learn about the issues that affect the business , such as
observing the user experience, and evaluate it. Please , to the extent possible, avoid trying change everything in this his first day of work , ie , avoid super DBA role or superman ,  this can be very uncomfortable for the rest of DBAs and others, and instead invest some  time inquiring about the system. What happens if there are drastic changes must be done? Well, in this case, if there are changes that make systems , first, must be informed

business and have good base thereof, then document it , so that in the following days to discuss  with its partners .

Do not forget that the company should work together and so it is important that you get along with  them, so they can collaborate with each other. The first day make friends , understand the system,
evaluate , raise about the database, such as name , location, version
The version of SQL Server , hardware configuration , SQL settings , operating system software
installed, the error logs , get access to rights , etc etc …

Then investigate failures recovery systems for enterprise systems . then
ask and seek answers How is doing the backup? What about my expectations  business? Where are the servers physically ? Evaluate the hardware systems that support the  company evalue space where the servers, for example , Is it safe here? Who  access ? .

The next step is to define the scope of their work , as DBA, within the company , what will be the systems that will be your responsibility, What you do not manage ? , and talk to those DBAs ( who are in charge of other systems ) to raise certain information that might work . Another point,
request any documentation that have been previously created for the systems you will manage.

Then you must go over the head with servers that fall under their control, and what each server must do, as well as the applications that will be supported. The functionality of each application should be discussed  gradually in the remaining days . Once done the above , determine which software must be installed on  your server , configure your workstation . Then you will realize that the first day as there will be DBA  finished … phew … great day ! , in short, was the day to assess the reality of the systems  and plan what you will do the rest day and DBA.



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