Tips to get a dba job I






Is a Catch 22: For get a dba job you first need have experience, but you must get a job to get experience.

DBA market can be divided into two groups – juniors and seniors.

Juniors with less than three years of experience, guys, bad news, companys not use to hire this kind of profiles, normal big companys never hire junior dbas, but no all is lost, there companys that no want spend more than $90k annually for a experienced profesional, and
sometimes take juniors and train them.

Seniors, DBAs who have more than 10 years of experience, who hold advanced degrees and who have specialized skills are still in strong demand.

So starters, be patience, continue reading this post, sure will help you.


The resume is the first impression you will make of yourself, so make it a good one, cant fail here, you have hundreds or more of websites with free templates and tips for resume writing.

Write cover letter, is a summary about you, who are you, why you interseed in work, write a specific cover letter for each psoition you are interested, no use template!.

Once you have send resume, call/send email recruiter too see whether their resume was received, maybe give you the adventage cause recruiter may not have looked at the resume otherwise.


Try read all about company, website, news,etc..because not knowing the company shows over confidence and arrogance.

Employers want applicants to be enthusiastic about working for them, take care of the basic principles on how interview, remember to be thorough, polite, confident, courteous and professional throughout the entire process.

Arrive at time is very important, plan to test the travel some days before interview, be prepared to worst, traffic, parking place. First reason to kick a candidate have arrive late.

If u are going to arrive late please call is a professional courtesy and let ineterview know. Being respetful of other’s time.

Anticipate questions, prepare speech about your resume is a great adventage. typical question can be:

– Tell me about yoursel, describe your strenghts
– Describe your weaknesses
– Talk about a time when you failed.
– Why did you are leaving yur current job?

Dont no blame your old company,boss or co-workers. blame let interviewer know you might be malcontent in other jobs.

Take a confident actitude, if u dont know the answer admit it and dont be arrogant.
Avoid negotitating too early. Sell yourself first before talk about money, if u can avoid talk about money before you sure have proven your value, my recomendation is wait the offer.

Take care about interpersonal skills, and you must know appearance does count, lot of IT pros lose get the job  by not know team play.

Tipical good question: “What would be the first thing you would do if an end user complains that performance is poor?” The answers to these questions can be very revealing.


After interview follow-up. This is the tipical thing no one do and  in a scenario were all candidates are strong could be a adventage .
Imagine this for example:

Three candidates that are all very strong finish recruit process. while  interviewer is thinking who to hire, he gets a real nice thank you letter in the mail from candidate 1. Candidate 1 thanks interviewer
for the time spend, says she enjoyed talking, reiterates the things they talked about, tells why she is a good fit for the position, and describes the value she is confident she will add for my company. A simple canned “thank you for your time” letter from candidate 2 and no one hear nothing from candidate 3. Who do you think company will hire? Who would you hire?.





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