Sort history about ORACLE


This a short summary, ORACLE company have more than 3 decades of history
, if you want read more, one of the best books about early history is writed
by Mike Wilson’s “The Difference between God and Larry Ellison”.
I will post in future about Larry Ellison and his “particular” life.
all start with IBM….

Ted Codd at IBM creates his 1970 paper ” A relational model of data for marge Sharett data banks ”

In the 70 IBM began working on various projects of DB relations they found RUFUS ( universal relation user friendly System) project rejected some of these engineers create System R ( Relational ) Develop a language for System R: SEQUEL (Structured Query English Language) SEQUEL was recorded by an American aircraft company brand. The acronym SQL is created

At the same time Berkeley professors work in the theory of Ted Codd . The project is called these teachers Ingres. In Berkeley working in the QUEL ( Query Language).

While Berkeley and IBM each work on their own in the model, Larry Ellison and his 2 partners ( Ed and Miner) do not quite know whether to make custom programs or Standard software. Standard decide something , but what?
Ed reads a document and go to the IBM conference: System R : Relational database Management Approach”, there, speaked about SQL”. Next give document to Larry and Miner .
At that time the company was called SDL , and decide to follow the IBM papers realtion and create a database management system.
What they did was to implement the theories of IBM. As if a kit assembly concerned. SDL called the first product they did Oracle  , because the software responded to questions you did .

What happened to IBM ? The people who worked on the project for IBM (TedCodd ) was academics interested in ideas and not products.
His glory were the papers and conferences. 20 years later the group of academics discussed whether it was Good publish their research.
IBM was slow , in 1977 Oracle  had its product and IBM did not a product until 1982.

IBM had a system called IMS information Management System that I was running in large corporations . They made a lot of money .

IBM would not sell any product that could displace the IMS which many families lived internally.
In 1982 introduced its first version , SQL/DS but it was not until 1985 introduced its first version that ran in several types of server: DB2

In 1985, Larry Ellison was a millionaire . Do you remember something when IBM let Microsoft introduced its operating system on their PCs ? or when in 1979 The Palo Alto researchers invited a certain Steve Jobs Apple see things that were investigating .

In 1995 the industry of relational databases generated  Billion annually .

The innovators were attracted to the more academic papers and conferences. The early adopter immediately saw the possibilities of business had such a revolution in the making , their companies could have
information , the Oracle could answer your questions.

The great movement of ORACLE to do was take the pragmatic
porting SQL (ORACLE ) in any piece of hardware, something that IBM took 10 years to understand!!!. What also Microsoft made, its S.O. was more practical …… did not change hardware to access innovation.

For pragmatic is a headache starting to appear incompatible systems after they know they have to be communicated among themselves, Oracle won.

Oracle was already market leader There were hundreds of competitors , Ingres , Informix, Sysbase , IBM, DEC, Tandem ,
HP, Ingres …. everyone tried to improve the product.

Oracle always replied but responding to improvements product, and that is enough for the pragmatist who wants the Market leader can improve your product and remain the leader .

When Sysbase implemented the client/server Oracle is not ignored and soon implanted in keeping their systems leadership

……All know the rest ……




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