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Avoid Chained Rows

What is a chained row? Is a row that is too large to fit into a single database data block.

For example, if you use a 4KB blocksize for your database, and you need to insert a row of 8KB into it, Oracle will use 3 blocks and store the row in pieces.

Some conditions that will cause row chaining are:

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Sending emails from….ORACLE? (11g)







Sometimes u will need some function for send email
from pl/sql.  Good, here we have the way to do it:

sys.utl_mail.send(sender => ‘’ ,
recipients => ‘’ ,
subject => ‘testing mails ORACLE’ ,message => ‘This is the test message from oracle server’ );

But first of all, you must install the utl_smtp package and Jserver by running the following Continue reading

Fight againts Oracle Idle Sessions II

What about if we are using ORACLE on windows? Today two scripts, very simple, to  kill sniped sessions on windows, using orakill tool.

Only need execute cleansessions.cmd.

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