Differences between STATSPACK and AWR

Some clients ask me why we need pay money for AWR if with statspack we have performance reports, answer is yes, we can access almost everything we need with statspack with no need pay extra license money.

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Copying files from ASM to File System

Working with Oracle technology is common to have two ways to do something, in this case move files from ASM storage to file system storage. We can do this job with rman or inside asmcmd.

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ORA-00020: maximum number of processes: cannot connect as sysdba?!

Database reach max process or sessions, son no new login is available, first your sysadmin cant  access too for solve the problem seting new process value, is a production  enviroment so we dont want to kill the instance as a first step to solve the problem .

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RMAN-08137: WARNING: archived log not deleted, needed for standby

Flash recovery area full? Backups fail in delete archives after backup?
with this error

RMAN-08137: WARNING: archived log not deleted, needed for standby or upstream capture process

The root problem is in standby or oracle streams not working properly
you should check first if you can investigate because the problem not yet rise
a urgent service problem with any outage of resources.

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Default Profile Locks Users Accounts?

For default since orcale 11 lot of UNLIMITED configurations of profile have change. Beyond version 10 FAILED_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS is set 10 as default value. In Oracle 11g onwards for DEFAULT profile PASSWORD_LOCK_TIME,PASSWORD_GRACE_TIME,PASSWORD_LIFE_TIME parameters are limited. Maybe you have suffered from and aplication that often  lock user account or maybe new instalation or upgrade make some users account locked over time.

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